Noara Kebir

Managing Director, Microenergy International and TU Berlin

Ms. Kebir is an experienced project manager with more than 20 years in energy engineering and economics. Working alongside more than 50 energy companies, finance institutions and policymakers, Ms. Kebir has the know-how and experience to develop programmatic implementations of pilot and scale-up projects, adapted to the needs of the end-users and the capacities of the implementing partners.

Ms. Kebir was particularly involved in market development for clean energy products through microfinance in Ethiopia, in collaboration with the Nordic Climate Facility, and solar water heaters (SWH) market assessment and growth in Peru. Recently, she has been involved in the assistance of the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity in Ethiopia to assess the national policies for rural electrification and design the new phase of the National Electrification Programme (NEP) 2.0. After having graduated in 2004 from the Technical University Berlin with a B. Sc. and M. Sc. in Process and Energy Engineering, Ms. Kebir is currently pursuing her doctoral studies, within the same university, on the topic of "Assuring Product Quality in Microfinanced Energy Products".


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