The German embassy in cooperation with the “The Global Hydrogen Diplomacy” initiative and the “Ethiopian-German Energy Cooperation delivered a three-day training on PtX (“Power-to-x” = green hydrogen and derivatives) technologies

Technologies for “Power-to-X” (PtX) are gaining traction to decarbonize sectors that are not accessible to direct electrification. While regulations to account for carbon emissions in global production and services are growing, a wise strategic approach to PtX offers developing opportunities particularly to less industrialized countries.

As a prelude to the “Ethiopian-German Symposium on Green Hydrogen Development” on 23rd November, a 3-day training on PtX (“Power-to-x” = green hydrogen and derivatives) was conducted in Addis Ababa on 8-10 November. Experts from academia, government, utilities and private sector gained an in-depth insight into technology, economics and sustainability of PtX value chains and markets. The training also gave ample space to address specific questions on PtX outlook for Ethiopia.